Woods Hole Group Continues Multifaceted Work with Philadelphia Water Department

R/V Joanne Daiber performing dye tracer study on the Delaware River, Philadelphia - summer of 2014.

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Woods Hole Group is entering into its fifth contract year with the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) in consultation for a project entitled “Measurements of Current Profile and Water Quality Processes in Select Tidal Reaches of the Delaware Estuary”. 

The project is required by the PWD Office of Watersheds to support development of a multidimensional hydrodynamic and water quality model for tidal portions of the Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey to Delaware City, Delaware, including the Schuylkill River and other major tributaries. Through discharge of treated and untreated (CSOs) wastewater effluent, the City is a point source contributor of nutrients to the Delaware River estuary. Due to the impact of treated wastewater and CSO discharges on water quality, regulatory agencies acting under....[+]