Volume 5 Issue 1
November 2010


Welcome to another issue of the Woods Hole Group Newsletter. This electronic newsletter has been one of the keystones of our public outreach, but has recently become part of a more robust package.

Please also visit the updates to our website at www.woodsholegroup.com. The site presents basic public information on the Company, our Mission and our scientific and engineering practices. It is a great way to find out who we are and what we do for our clients. It may also give you some insight about why we do what we do.

We recently introduced two additions to our media program. First, we initiated a new Facebook page whichwe use to communicate to our clients and partners, as well as
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Improved Models for Designing Habitat Restoration Projects
Composite Flow Control Structure (Culvert with Tide Gate).

Coastal wetland habitat restoration often involves enhancement of tidal flows that have been anthropogenically restricted, particularly in the northeast USA.  Commonly, salt marsh habitats have been deprived of full tidal inundation with salt water as a result of roadway or other crossings, typically where undersized culverts or other flow control structures have been installed.  In some cases,...(Read More)

Clint Hare reports on the Delaware Office...(Read More)
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