Volume 4 Issue 1
February 2009
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Message from the President  

Welcome to our first issue of the Woods Hole Group Newsletter for 2009.  The global economy is in turmoil, to be sure, but we hope that the leadership of the United States and the rest of the world will help us find safe harbor for the global community.  Meanwhile, we at Woods Hole Group endeavor to provide the best services to our customers around the world.  This month, we have three new articles....(Read More)

Woods Hole Group is proud to announce... the arrival of our newly revised Website!!!

News from our Coastal Sciences, Engineering & Planning team spotlighting the coastal zone.
News from our Oceanography & Measurement Systems team spotlighting the open seas, ports, and harbors.
News from our IT Manager, Darren Mansfield, and Web Manager, Donna Benevides, on the company's latest work environment and web changes. 

Application of Numerical Models in Restoration of Degraded Wetland Systems....(Read More)

Joint Industry Project to Assess the Performance of the 75 kHz Long Ranger ADCP in a Low Scattering Environment....(Read More)

As we begin the New Year, we here at Woods Hole Group have two exciting and substantial projects to announce....(Read More)

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES News from our Environmental Assessment & Remediation Team, spotlighting our global projects and programs. Dubai brach office is open ....(Read More)
HOUSTON SPOTLIGHT David Szabo reports on the Houston Office ....(Read More)
Keep tabs on the latest corporate news at Woods Hole Group.....(Read More)
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