The Next Generation of Science-Based Solutions.

Woods Hole Group is an international organization serving government, energy industry, port/harbor, architecture/engineering (A&E) partner, and private clients on: coastal environmental sciences and engineering consulting; oceanography and measurement systems; satellite data telemetry for wildlife and ocean science applications, and sustainable fisheries management.

Unique technical offerings include: high resolution numerical model simulations; climate change vulnerability assessments and sustainable design; real-time oceanographic measurement systems; ecological risk assessments; wildlife tracking; and fishing intelligence solutions. Products include meteorological and oceanographic instrumentation, real-time monitoring systems, fisheries vessel monitoring systems (VMS), and metocean forecasting.

The company has supported a diverse client base since 1986, joined the CLS Group in 2017 to expand globally, and as of January 1, 2018 merged with two companies formerly known as CLS America and Horizon Marine. Together, Woods Hole Group has nearly 100 employees with Corporate Headquarters in Bourne, Massachusetts, and client-centered offices in Dover, Delaware, Lanham, Maryland, and Richmond, Texas.

We encourage you to explore our expanded suite of services and products.